MidTown Eats- Review

Midtown Eats
Midtown Eats

tonight my mom and I went to Midtown eats.  Its located in Mid-town Reno. (mom edit: a fun and up and coming area for locals).

i liked the restaurant! it was made out of brick, wooden tables and bright lights! i thought the restaurant was really interesting. It was really interesting because it had cool squares and rectangles.

mom and i ordered appitizer. we had mac n cheese! it was cheesy, creamy, kind of tasty and i liked the parmesan cheese on top. mom and i split it for an appetizer and there was just enough.

for dinner I ordered:  the BISON burger. It came with BBQ sauce/ applewood bacon/ white cheddar cheese/ and creamy mayo. I also had some sauce diped fries.

I liked the bison burger and fries the best because it was spicy and creamy. i least liked the mac n cheese because it needed more flavor.

I give Midtown eats a 4 out of 5 stars.  It was really good and I loved the bison burger and fries.

yumm. Bison burger with the works!
yumm. Bison burger with the works!

by fred bear games.

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  1. Great review! The information and details were very helpful. I think I’d like to try the bison burger the next time I’m in Reno!!

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