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Balloons and Doughboys

this morning mom and I got up way to early and went to the Balloon races.  we had fun and saw some cool balloons. My favorite was Darth Vader.

IMG_2308  IMG_2311

After the balloon races we wanted donuts. We went to Doughboys (my favorite), there was a line out the door, but it was worth it.

I had the White wolf pack donut.I liked it because it had sprinkles and creamy icing.And it was sweet.

The restaurant was fun and lots of local sports decorations.  We sat in wooden chairs and enjoyed our donuts.

It was good while it still lasted, and it was a fun day. I give Doughboys 5 stars out of 5 stars.



by fred bear games


Hello world!

By: mom

Mr. L has always been an incredibly creative and outgoing fellow.  He loves to watch the food network with me and really gets into cupcake wars/ beat bobby flay/ chopped and cutthroat kitchen.  We enjoy watching these shows together and we love going out to dinner once a week as a family tradition.  He has made several comments about wanting to do a food blog about our adventures together.  I said yes, and thus kidkritic was born.   For the posts I write-up a series of questions for him to answer about the dining experience, and then I let him have at it. The words/ spelling/ grammar and typing are his.  He is super excited to write about what he discovered and he promises me that he wont eat chicken nuggets at every place now…. he is “looking to try something new”.